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By Drs Lawitts
September 07, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Baby Bottles  

Baby BottleWhen it comes to your infant, tooth decay is probably not the first issue that comes to mind. However, protecting your baby’s teeth, even before they come in, is an important task that can shape your child’s oral health for the rest of their life. Find out more about baby bottle tooth decay, what that means, and how it can affect your infant with Dr. Karen Lawitts in Syracuse, NY serving the Jamesville, Dewitt, and Syracuse areas.

What is baby bottle tooth decay? 
Baby bottle tooth decay is another name for pediatric teeth decay. The most common cause of decay on a child’s teeth is due to a prolonged exposure to sugary drinks like juice. Baby bottle tooth decay can also occur due to a child falling asleep while drinking a bottle of milk. Parents should avoid giving anything to drink other than water before bed to avoid baby bottle tooth decay and ensure they follow a strong at-home oral care routine along with biannual dental appointments.

How should I care for my child’s teeth? 
Your child’s oral care begins before they even have teeth. Wipe down an infant’s gums and oral tissues with a damp, soft cloth at least once a day. Many people are unaware that babies can get cavities just like adults, making your child’s daily oral care routine just as important as yours, especially if they have teeth. Brush their teeth twice a day using a baby toothbrush and baby toothpaste. You only need to use about the size of a grain of rice worth of toothpaste. Brush the fronts, backs, and sides of all the teeth. Once the teeth begin growing closer together, begin flossing between each tooth at least once a day.

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay in Syracuse, NY
According to the American Dental Association, your child should begin seeing their dentist around a year old. These early appointments will help build a good foundation for your child’s relationship with their dentist and dental care in general, helping to decrease the risk of dental anxiety later in life. Additionally, these visits help your dentist follow your child’s oral development and ensure their teeth are growing in normally.

For more information on your child’s teeth or baby bottle teeth decay, please contact Dr. Karen Lawitts in Syracuse, NY serving the Jamesville, Dewitt, and Syracuse areas. Call (315) 492-8138 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!


Dr. Karen Lawitts

Dr. Karen Lawitts



Dr. Lawitts was born and raised in Syracuse, NY. She received her Bachelor of Science and D.D.S degree from Northwestern University in Chicago.  
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